08.01 & 08.02 – Subliminal Festival: with Lawrence English, Illuha, Gregg Kowalsky, Paul Clipson

Below every-day’s planar surface shimmer, there is an undefined vastness perhaps holding everything and more. Untethering habits that dull sensation, the artists joining us push assumptions aside, moving nimbly through the in-between. Comfortably observing and collecting information, they transform what is gathered into impressions, blurring perception’s edges that invite you to re-examine understanding. This Bay Area landing of Seattle-based Substrata Festival (http://www NULL.substratafestival NULL.com/) encourages you to detach from time’s present speed and indulge in spacious wandering.

Taking form over two days, this iterative event includes a field recording trip to Redwood Regional Park (first day) followed by a workshop/lecture and a performance (second day). Come move beyond the constraints of traditional performer/listener interactions with us by engaging in an artist-audience driven dialogue that seeks full immersion.

Participating in the full series provides a rare opportunity to gain intimate perspective into the creative process: from sourcing material, to production, and through to performance.

Full passes, and individual tickets to the Field-Trip, Workshop, and Performances follow the details below.


“Site Observation And Other Questions Of The Field”
Conducted by Lawrence English (http://lawrenceenglish NULL.com/) & Paul Clipson (http://www NULL.withinmirrors NULL.org/)
Wed, 1-August  3:30 – 7:30pm

There’s a murmuring beyond our sight lines. A chattering that sits beyond the realm of our eyes. It’s here that we start to use our other key sense – hearing. Moreover, we start to listen and see, extracting threads of sound and imagery from an otherwise dense tapestry of audio and visual activity.

During this field trip, a limited group of participants (15 max) will spend time with Lawrence English and Paul Clipson while capturing environmental recordings in the magnificent redwood forests of the East Bay. This exercise in phonography and film will foster a newfound appreciation for our natural surroundings and create a platform for meaningful interaction between artists/participants while exploring the locality. Participants are encouraged to bring their own portable recording gear, and various techniques and approaches to effective capture will be covered. Full day schedule, and workshop plan details will be communicated in advance via email to participants. Roundtrip transportation from Liminal Space to Redwood Regional Park provided.

Lawrence English is a renowned phonographer whose capture environmental recordings on an array of exotic locations, including Antarctica, Patagonia, and numerous others. These recordings serve as inspiration and sound sources for some of his most significant and critically acclaimed works.

Paul Clipson is a local filmmaker who sees things, even when his eyes are closed. Fueled by texture’s rhythm, he pulls gem-like imagery from what is often overlooked, revealing new meaning to what we think we know. His work is amplified by an ability that reaches beyond materiality, he mines social phenomena in his practice and captures the very aspects of emotion and response that make us human.


Conducted by Lawrence English (http://lawrenceenglish NULL.com/) & Paul Clipson (http://www NULL.withinmirrors NULL.org/)
Thursday, 2-August 3:00 – 5:30pm

Following the field trip, Lawrence and Paul will give a workshop and informal lecture about their approaches to the work – both in terms of studio technique, aesthetics and field trip preparation for familiar or extreme environments (specifically in regards to Lawrence – the Amazon, Antarctica, the Outback) as well as other issues relating to the use of field recordings as a means for documenting, creating and transforming environments. Both artists encourage conversation and questions from participants.



By Lawrence English (http://lawrenceenglish NULL.com/), Illuha (http://illuha NULL.com/), & Gregg Kowalsky (http://greggkowalsky NULL.net/), and films by Paul Clipson (http://www NULL.withinmirrors NULL.org/)
Thursday, 2-August 8:00pm

A night exploring the breadth of the spectrum of amplified sound, from the acoustic and environmental, the synthetic and processed, to the timbres hidden in radio signals and the distortion of electricity itself. Stylistically as varied in their approaches as the sound sources and the materials used to sculpt them, international artists in their own right, over decades of work all three composers have established themselves as vanguards of their form. Expect an evening of both extreme dynamics and subtle susurration, of immersion in nuanced tonalities and the lashing of dissonant cascades.



8:00pm – Door/Soiree
8:45pm - Gregg Kowalsky
9:30pm – Illuha
10:30pm – Lawrence English

Films by Paul Clipson throughout the performances.


_Australia’s mixed media artist and curator LAWRENCE ENGLISH presents selections from his latest magnum opus “The Peregrine.”

_ Japan’s ILLUHA will perform an improvised set based around themes and motifs from “Shizuku” as well as new material featuring analog and digital electronics, guitar, piano and various stringed and percussion instruments.

_GREGG KOWALKSY will be performing a new piece utilizing wind chimes, sine and square wave oscillators and fans

_ PAUL CLIPSON will present new and recent Super 8mm films shot in and around San Francisco, Ukiah, New York and Nova Scotia, featuring micro and macro field studies and multi-layered collages of natural and urban environments.



Full Pass  – no longer available

Field Trip only – no longer available

Workshop & Performances – $30

Workshop  only – $20

Performances only – $15



Advance tickets are no longer available. There will be some available at the door.